The Bird that Never Flew

robin the sporrancomp

Friday 30th of October at NeuReekie got to see the Bird that Never Flew film EP.  Hector Bizerk outdid themselves in terms of music and lyrics in this EP.  Disregarding my own bias, it is a must see and awards the viewer with a broader view of the world inhabited, scored and remarked upon by Hector Bizerk.  The resounding voice of Liz Lochead stands out as a powerful remarker, indenting recited words on your brain. Iain Henderson and Andrew Mackenzie have brought to life the 2 dimensional, monochromaticly stained cartoon world of Hector Sketch and dragged it into real life, bleeding into the Bizerkers social commentary.  Hats off to the entire team involved, when we first started talking about a film ep, I would never have imagined the result.  Look out for it showing, go see it, let us know what you think.

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